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"To provide customers an agile environment and productive processes for delivering profitable business solutions".

Ocius Technologies is a highly focused and established software product and services company. We deliver state-of-the-art technology based services to customers globally in the domain of engineering and scientific software development. Over a period of time we created a niche for ourselves. Ocius’s customers include the start-ups as well as large enterprises, who realize that they need a partner who can understand their domain, provide them with the flexibility, agility and delivers the product or service using the most cutting edge technologies.

For Ocius, the domains are ranging from Machining, Human Machine Interface (HMI) softwares for Bio-Medical devices to Robotic solutions. Machining is independent of CAD platform and can be coupled with various motion controllers. We have delivered the solutions for image processing and analysis for the metallurgical industry, remote monitoring of the mission critical and expensive industrial capital goods. With technology and our sheer competence, we define the problem statements jointly with our customer and provide the solution.

Indigen’s objective is to make use of all the resources available to build and ship the Ociusous solutions which are highly competitive, efficient and dependable. Our solutions help our customers to derive the highest ROI, technological advantage and enable them to compete in their respective markets.

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Our Services

Over the years, Ocius enjoyed in thriving itself to craft the various engineering and scientific solutions for its customers. We enjoy putting all the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle together with a methodical approach. For Ocius, the final product is not the only destination but it always likes to think about a bigger picture. During the design and development stages of a product, we would like to add the innovative features those will be appealing and will be appreciated by the end user of the product.

Customer Centricity

Building a framework for an enterpreneurial, colleborative and service oriented business culture.

Inspiring your Audience

Understanding your audience and tailoring your communications in a way that's relavant.

Engaging stackholders

infuencing senior leval relationship through bespoke engagment.

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503-504, Elite Business Park,
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S G Highway, Vishwas City 1, Sola, Ahmedabad,380060


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